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‘Bee Safe’ in Ballyclare

22 May 2023 by Mr Kennedy

A short video by P7K


P6 Trip – YMCA

27 April 2022 by Fairview Primary School

From April 4-6th P6 enjoyed visiting the YMCA centre in Newcastle for a residential trip.
The boys and girls learnt new skills as they took on challenges such as archery, canoeing, bouldering and ziplining. In the evenings they enjoyed a visit into Newcastle for an ice-cream, competing in house competitions and even a night walk through the mountains.
As you can see there were lots of happy faces as they made some memories to last a lifetime!

Well-Being at Fairview

25 January 2021 by Fairview Primary School

At Fairview we prioritise your child’s mental health and well-being and we recognise, given the current climate, that this is now more important than ever.  Since returning to home learning, we share a weekly well-being message with our pupils and parents/carers. There are many support services available during this time, below you will find examples of […]