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School Council

We have a very active School Council in Fairview Primary School.  Each class from P4 to P7 has a School Council representative, as well as a Class Council Chair and Vice Chair.  We use this system to make sure all pupils in our school have a voice.  School Council members visit P1 to P3 classrooms to report on what has been discussed and gather ideas from our junior classes.

School Council meetings happen once a month, with a class council meeting in between each School Council meeting.  Have a look at the School Council notice board in the entrance hall to catch up on all the meeting minutes. 

Message from the Chair
My name is Daniel and I am proud to be School Council Chairperson this year.  I believe I will bring passion and enthusiasm to the role, as well as commitment to the school and all that is going on.  I have lots of ideas and I am looking forward to sharing these with the Council. One of my main aims is to develop the role of Class Council so more pupils are getting the chance to contribute to School Council through the class reps.  I also want to make sure all on the School Council visit the junior classes and share what we are planning, as well as getting their ideas.  I am really looking forward to the responsibility and all the challenges this role will bring.  I know I have a great team this year and I am looking forward to working with my deputy Eloise to make Fairview even better!

Meet Our Members

My name is Eloise and I am Vice Chairperson of School Council this year.

Hello, my name is Austin. I am in Mrs Norris’ Primary 7 class and I have been brought back onto school council this year as joint secretary. I play some sports, in school I play rugby, cricket and football. I have been on the school council before and the reason I want to be on it again is because I want to see what else we can do to improve our great school. This year I am secretary with 2 other people, that is Maisie and Max.  I am looking forward to the challenge ahead this year in the school council!

Hi, my name is Maisie and I am in P7 Miss McMillan.  I am 10 years old.  I have a little sister called Lottie and an older brother called Luca.  This year I am joint secretary of our school council with Austin and Max.

I wanted to be on school council because I’ve been involved with school council before in P4 and P6 and had so much fun.  I also want to help our school develop new and exciting ideas using suggestions from my class council meetings.

My hobbies are hockey and dancing which I do almost everyday.


I am Ewan and I am 11 years old.  I am in P7 in Miss McMillan’s class.  I am a Peer Ambassador as well as the school council rep for my class.  I play the trumpet and play for Ballyclare Colts A team.

My name is Max and I am in P6.  I play football 6 days a week.  I am a goalkeeper for Crusaders FC.  I live in a local Guest Inn just outside Ballyclare.


I have 1 brother who is in Ballyclare High School.  My teacher is Mrs Houston.  I am glad to be on School Council.

My name is Matthew.  I live in Ballyclare with my mum and my dad and my big sisters.  I have a dog called Otis.  My hobbies are cricket, building and lego.  I also enjoy going to the forest and I enjoy going on holiday.  I have been to lots of different countries like New Zealand, France and Portugal and many more places. 


Hi my name is Isabel. I am in eight years old and was born on the 22nd of November 2010. I like swimming, drawing and reading.  I wanted to make school happier and more fun for children.


Hello my name is Gareth and in school I am Enthusiastic about ICT, rugby and Playsport. I enjoy playing sports with my friends and also at my clubs. I am confident in small groups but can get nervous in big groups. I enjoy going on holidays with my family. We go away in the my caravan or tent and sometimes on hot sunny holidays but I am really looking forward to next year because I am going to Australia to see my cousins.


My name is Suzanne and I am 8 years old.  I am in P4 Mrs Aicken. I enjoy dancing and I go to JMDA every Saturday.  I also enjoy arts and crafts.  My favourite things in school are reading activities and numeracy.  I wanted to be on School Council because I enjoy helping people and I am looking forward to taking part in everything this year for the first time.  I hope this year in School Council we will be able to make the pupils happier and have lots of fun – even happier and more fun!


 The Role of Pupils in School - By Austin

School Council is all about giving pupils a voice in school.  Through Class Council, which happens once a month, all pupils get the chance to talk about issues in school, things they would like to see improved or added.  These Class Council meetings are led by the Class Council Chairperson.  Two people are normally nominated to take notes at each meeting.  The School Council rep then takes these notes to School Council.  The School Council rep also has the important role of sharing information at Class Council and starting discussions.  P1 to P3 don’t have a rep on School Council.  A pair is nominated from School Council to visit each infant class and tell them about what is going on and get their ideas for what we could do better.

Assembly Songs – By Maisie

Last year on School Council, we spent a lot of time talking about new songs we could introduce to assembly.  It is good to see some of these songs being used this year.  We will keep working on this. 

Being a Good Friend - By Maisie

During Anti Bullying Week each year, we give every pupil a leaflet showing them how to be a good friend.  We updated this again for 2019.  The leaflet was used alongside visits from our Peer Ambassadors to each classroom explaining their role.  

Pastoral Care for Pupils - By Austin

School Council created a booklet for each class answering lots of questions pupils may have.  The questions were all developed by School Council and have been added to each year.

This year, we updated the booklet with information about Shared Education, swimming and dismissal gates.  We have also put some information in about Peer Ambassadors and House Captains. 

Working with Eco - By Austin

Our School Council embarked on a joint project with the Eco Committee last year.  Our aim was to reduce the waste in our school and make sure all the waste we do create is being effectively recycled.  The Eco Committee introduced high grade plastic bins and we used School Council as a platform for promoting this.  We also worked with the Eco Committee to nominate Mrs Cousley as Eco Teacher of the year.  I worked with Jude and Kara to create a storyboard poster which we submitted in the hope Mrs Cousley would get the recognition she deserves for the great work she does for Fairview.  At the awards day, Mrs Cousley came second but received great praise for her ‘work and innovative practices’.

Macmillan Big Breakfast - By Daniel

Our school is proud of all the hard work we do for charity and one of the main events School Council is involved with is the Macmillan Big Breakfast in the month of September.  This year, our School Council sold raffle tickets for the different cakes and buns as parents and children came into the hall for breakfast.  A huge thank you to Gareth, Daniel and Miss Earls for the amazing home baked cakes.    

We played our part in raising £500 for this great charity.

P6 Buddies – By Matthew 

Our P6 pupils were once again given the opportunity to be lunchtime buddies and have done a great job!  This year, our School Council organised the rota for who is on duty each week.  P7 pupils will take over after Christmas.

Developing class council - By Connie

Part of being on School Council is ensuring all our pupils get the chance to have their voice heard.  This year, Daniel our chairperson has suggested we are trying to develop Class Council with specific discussion points coming from each School Council meeting.  My class have recorded a Class Council meeting to help other classes see how it is done.  We hope to develop this further in the second half of the year. 

Visiting buddy class to share information - By Celia

P4 to P7 are all represented on School Council.  Part of our role is to visit infant classes to tell them about the things we are discussing that affect them.  I have been to see Miss Sheeran to tell her class about School Council and to get their ideas and feedback.  Everyone on School Council is paired up and has an infant class to visit.  I have enjoyed this part of my role.

Grandparents’ Concert

Our School Council took part in the grandparents’ concert this year. We met everyone at the door as they came in and took them into the hall.  It was good to talk to them all and welcome them to school.  After the concert was over, we served Schloer and shortbread.

Open Day

School Council were delighted to be part of Open Day.  We met all the prospective parents as they came into school and chatted to them as they looked around all the displays in the hall.  Our P7 members were part of the tours round school, telling them all about life in Fairview and what makes our school so special.  At the end of the tours, we spent some time talking to the nursery pupils who came to visit as teachers chatted to the new parents.     

Fairview leaflet for Open Day - By Daniel

We spent a lot of time in the first few meetings talking about what makes Fairview unique and what is good about Fairview.  We spoke to pupils throughout the school, some parents and got feedback from Class Council.  We used all this information to produce a leaflet for parents to take away on Open Day, telling them about our school and why they should choose to send their children here! 

Our big action was to come up with what makes Fairview unique, why are we better than the rest??  We decided:

  • Awards and Expertise
  • Roles and opportunities for everyone to shine
  • Environmental Garden and Outdoor Learning

I hope you agree!

 Updating the website - By Ewan

We are learning how to update our website with information and pictures about what School Council has been up to this term.  You will see our pictures and a short paragraph about us as well!  Visit the school website and go to the ‘Pupil’ section. You will see a link there to School Council.  The team responsible for this is Daniel, Connie, Ewan, Austin, Maisie and Max.

Shared Education - By Max

Shared Education is when two schools come together for shared learning. For the last two years, our school has partnered with St Oliver Plunkett Primary School in Belfast. I like Shared Education because we got to meet lots of new children and make new friends.

We got to go to St Oliver Plunkett’s and they come to our school. We got to see what their school is like and what they do every day and they got to see our school and what we do every day. We worked together on the theme of George’s Marvellous Medicine in P4 and did lots of science experiments. Last year, we investigated Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  This year, we are looking forward to our P6 topic, EUR Alive.  I wonder what it will be about, but I do know it will be fun seeing all my friends again 😊

We also had fun days at Breckenhill, Dundonald Ice Bowl and Belfast Activity Centre.

 Invite for Cook to talk about healthy break and school dinners - By Eloise

We hope to meet with the cook in the new year to talk about dinner menus and extending the range of healthy break snacks.  Class Council have already talked about this and ideas have been brought to School Council.  We are looking forward to having some input into school dinners and working with the cook to develop menus and get more people taking school dinners.

Analysing the pupil questionnaire - By Eloise

Two years ago, pupils completed a questionnaire about life in Fairview.  We have been analysing the results at School Council, trying to understand some of the responses.  This will be a big part of Class Council work in 2019/2020 before pupils do a similar questionnaire at the end of this year.  Through doing our Pupil School Development Work, we have learnt that school works on a three year cycle and this is the last of those three years.  Lots of people will be asked about progress, including pupils and parents.  The questionnaire pupils fill in is very important as pupil voice is so important.  We need to make sure all the questions are clear and easy to understand.

Pupil School Development Plan – By the P7 reps

Every year, teachers produce Action Plans which contain targets for the school to work on that year.  At School Council, we split into four groups led by the P7 members and looked at these Action Plans and tried to write them again in pupil friendly language.  We know this is the last of the three year School Development Cycle before new areas are focused on next time. 

This Pupil School Development Plan will be shared with all pupils in school through Class Council and displayed in the entrance hall.  We found it really interesting that some of the maths and literacy targets are based on pupil feedback through questionnaires we completed last year, such as with problem solving and AR. 

 What is School Council? - By Maisie

The School Council is made up of a group of pupils from P4-P7 who are voted on by their own class to improve our school even more. These children share ideas from all the children in the school and listen to what the pupils want to keep Fairview Primary an outstanding school.

Every month we have a class meeting and people put up their hands and they give the person who is in school council their ideas and these are shared in the council meeting.

In the last few years we have made changes to our school to make it a better place for everyone.

A few examples-

  • A gazebo
  • A trail in the environmental garden
  • Play equipment
  • T.V in the canteen
  • Football Pitch
  • Working with the Eco committee to help with recycling and litter
  • New Assembly Songs

The school council get a lot of opportunities and experiences to help them to come up with new ideas to keep Fairview a happy and successful school.  One of my favourite parts is being part of school events, such as the Big Breakfast and Grandparents Concert. 

Electing key Post Holders – By Connie

Daniel Montgomery is our Chairperson this year and Eloise Kirk is our Deputy Chairperson.  Both put their name forward for the role of Chair and presented to all three assemblies their vision for School Council and what they would bring to it.  Both candidates did a brilliant job.  All pupils in school voted and Daniel got the most so became Chairperson.  At our first meeting, Max was voted in as secretary.  We also decided that the secretary should be a P6 member and he or she will be assisted by the previous year’s secretary.  Therefore, we were delighted to welcome Austin and Maisie back onto School Council. 

A Message from a past School Council member – By Noah 

I have really enjoyed my year of working on the School Council.  I found it challenging to give talks to other classes as I was a bit nervous at first.  I particularly enjoyed helping out with the Open Morning and talking to the parents and children about our school.  Good luck to next year’s team

Beginning a New Year - SEPTEMBER 2019

Two members of our School Council stood for the role of School Council Chairperson.  Both produced exceptional presentations which they delivered in front of our three school assemblies.  Following a whole school vote, Daniel Montgomery was elected as Chairperson and Eloise Kirk was elected as Deputy Chair.  Well done to both candidates and to Max McConnell, who will take on the role of Secretary with the assistance of Maisie Meikle and Austin Adair.