Fairview Primary School

Fairview Primary School

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School Council

We have a very active School Council in Fairview Primary School.  Each class from P4 to P7 has a School Council representative, as well as a Class Council Chair and Vice Chair.  We use this system to make sure all pupils in our school have a voice.  School Council members visit P1 to P3 classrooms to report on what has been discussed and gather ideas from our junior classes.

School Council meetings happen once a month, with a class council meeting in between each School Council meeting.  Have a look at the School Council notice board in the entrance hall to catch up on all the meeting minutes. 


The new school council elections have taken place and the following pupils have been elected for the following year 2015 / 2016:

Alex McAllister
Jude McKeever
Ella Crawford
Logan McWilliams
Lois Simpson
Euan Todd
Ewan Craig
Chloe Moore
Jake Simpson
Anna Buchanan
Tom McAllister
James Spence

Message from the Chair

My name is James Spence and I am very happy to have been voted as the Chairperson for our School Council, it is a great honour.  I really enjoy working on the School Council and bringing ideas back and forth from class council.   

The School Council has been working very hard this term to come up with proposals and solve any problems that have occurred. Hopefully, after reading this newsletter, you will agree that we have achieved a lot and have big plans for Terms 2 and 3.

 James Spence was voted in as our Chairperson through a whole school vote.  James Spence and Tom McAllister both contested the seat and James came out with most votes.  At our first School Council meeting, Anna Buchanan was voted in as Deputy Chairperson and Tom McAllister took on the role of secretary.  


Pastoral care for pupils

The Guide to Pastoral Care for Pupils is a guide about what a child should do if they are worried or nervous.  When you open up the guide you can look for what you are worried about, then it tells you how to cope with it.  Last year’s School Council worked on this and we completed it this year.  Each class has this document displayed on their Class Council notice board. 


Pupils’ School Development Plan

In our last school council meeting, Mr McAllister told us about the School Development Plan.  Our job was to discuss the four key areas and to rewrite for the Pupil School Development Plan, so pupils can understand it. The four key areas are Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and The World Around Us.  Our Pupil SDP is on display in the entrance hall.  


Playground Update

Unfortunately, the playground equipment was taken away after half term as it was not being looked after properly.  School Council has come up with a timetable so the equipment will come back in Term 2.  The new playground timetable for break time, proposed by School Council and agreed through Class Council, will be implemented from January. The new playground time table gives individual classes space to play together but also leaves opportunity for year groups to interact as well.  This timetable will only apply to P4-P6.


Schloer and shortbread

On the morning of the P1 and P2 ‘Grandparents Concert’, the School Council had the honour of meeting and greeting the special guests as they arrived at school. After the concert, the Council representatives handed out Shortbread and Schloer and everyone seemed to appreciate it, especially as it was raining outside!  A lovely end to our Junior concerts and it was great that School Council could play their part. 


Being a Good Friend leaflet

School Council worked hard on a project for Anti Bullying week in November.  The ‘Being a Good Friend’ leaflet talks about how to be a good friend and what to do if you are being bullied and how to spot bullying.  All pupils P4-P7 got a copy of the leaflet, which was explained by the School Council representative in each class.


House system

The school have agreed to introduce a new House System into the school, each House having a different name. School Council’s first job this year was to suggest some potential House names to be discussed at Class Council.  The names finally agreed are Ollar, Cogry, Collin and Rashee. Each child will be put into a house, then house captains will be chosen.  Each house will compete in competitions during sports day and in other activities, academic and sporting.